. Nexta Group is a company with various products like we have Vision(smart blind stick),,Nexta App store,Nexta digital on we build our branches in Sambalpur, Bangalore, Delhi,Bhopal with those we started the manufacturing sector of NEXTA and soon we are going to lunch first Electronics shopping outlet of Nexta called NEXTA DigiStore at Raipur,chattisgarh and in soon we are going to launch our own computer called FREEDOM – 0.1 which is available in market soon in just Rs.8000 . In past we lunch a digital blind stick with which a blind person can sense his surrounding with the vibrates and sound created by the stick, it’s available in Nexta Digital at Nexta store With both of those we are the First SME’s E-commerce chain from odisha and the first product manufacturing company from western odisha.


As an entrepreneur, I have painstakingly learnt the importance of a founder in a company. It takes a lot to start a business and grow it to profitability. Funny enough the most impactful lesson has come from my biggest failure through. All in all, despite receiving great business tips during college days, I have go on to learn more about how to start a business through my experiences.skills,my early failure haven’t stopped me in learning from my mistakes and moving to gainfully self-employed. So never stop for obstacles, break the wall of limitation and go ahead .


In future our vision is to make india the Next robotics capital of the world . Recently we launch the first artificial intelligence based open source free android app store. for development of AI/ML,we launched VISION-the blind stick,which find the way for a person with his vision and make india self depandable,our moto is to made,design and manufacture all products in india.

Manas Ranjan Panigrahi

Founder & CEO

Journey behind Nexta

Nexta Group is a start-up that growing rapidly. Now 19 Year old,Manas Ranjan Panigrahi,Founder and CEO of NEXTA begin his journey in Feb. 2017,starting with a e commerce platform called Nextaone at odisha,the company as of April 2018 established in 17 states across the country and ready to lunch in other country.It has been named odisha’s largest SME’s E-commerce chain and a emerging products based company of this country In Nexta in past we lunch Vision(also known as infinity utterance) is the Smart Blind stick for blind person by which they can feel the things near them. In this year we are going to launch 3 Laptop series.

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