Govind Saraf

Govind Saraf is a Socio influencing digital Content Creator. Currently, he is pursuing Cost Accountancy and MBA in Family Management Business.

Besides then, Govind is a Quora Writer too. He makes contents about Life influencing topics. He has completed his graduation from Bhawanipur Education Society College. Govind is an avid writer and reader. His favorite authors are Richard Branson, Robin Sharma etc.

Writing Career

It all started from the month of July 2017, when my dad returned safely from Hospital. He was too weak. I am the only son so i had to take care of him.

Just because of my father’s poor health condition, I always used to be depressed. Whenever I used to feel depressed, I used to go out for a walk with Headphones and I remember my most favorite song that time which was Baghi movies ” Get Ready to Fight”. I used to listen that song repeatedly and Trust me i used to get my power back to fight with the odds. We all know When life gets tough we all get tougher and it teaches you a lot at an early age. That’s what happened with me.

I started developing a different perception about life probably a positive one competing with the Negative too. My problem was too big for me and some where I was afraid of my future but when this positivity started growing inside me, I felt I can do something definitely to reach out my words to the “Negativity in humans” just to transact them with “Positivity”. That time i used to write a lot on Quora. And still i love to write. But somewhere a visualisation was needed definitely with the feeling too because visualisation without feeling won’t give you much realization about the reality because at the end we were on a way to highlight the reality not a regular T. V. series.

I started my journey on 13th Aug 2017 at night with phone. I kept it on huge number of Cost Accountant books as i didn’t had any other Equipment to shoot. I started practicing. I practiced for 15 times then my first video was finished. Mean while I had to edit it with some good background music. I downloaded the software and i started learning editing. I didn’t knew anything about video editing.

I started learning from YouTube and finally after all this hustle i came up with my First Vlog on 15th Aug 2017. I shared my link with everyone in my whatsapp contacts. Some gave me amazing feedback. Some asked me to improve, even there were the ones who was laughing at my first Vlog too. And the Journey Continued. After few Months two of my friends joined my passion too. Vlogging became my passion. They were Aman Banka and Deegvijay Gandhi. Trust me they were the one’s who always believed in me. Aman while moved to another city for Studies and I was continuing making vlogs with Deegvijay Gandhi.

After creating more than 10 Influencing Videos i started receiving messages from People regarding there problems some how i became the Problem Solver in my group. It hasn’t ended it here. We are growing and we will be developing. I make Vlogs just with one aim in life that I can add some value to there life with this Vlog. All the credit goes to my parents who supported me a lot in this journey, my friends Deegvijay, Aman and Sayan Chakrabarti . Sayan is like a big brother to me who always motivates me and has always been there from day one till Today. Thanks a lot to these gems of my life.


Well i love writing but basically i am a Vlogger. I make Digital Contents. Yeah i can put the content which i write is some where is all about an eye opener for today’s youth. There are lots of things we are doing wrong which are affecting our daily life very badly. Just to keep those Negativity out and make people feel positive and happy that why i love to write.

Govind Saraf - Youtube

Well i believe we all the Power to Control the Negativity of our mind and we should try to make it positive. Somewhere there will be Naysayers in your life but Positivity will help you to ignore them. In order to get the better version of yourself you have to keep all negativity away and that’s what I make Viewer’s understand in my Vlogs.


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