We are a student-run consultancy offering a wide range of services to small and medium companies. Our unique portal, SimpliDo allows students to take on a small segment of a big project as a “challenge” and then our talented team integrates all segments to produce the solution. Currently, we offer services such as Web Development, App Development, Marketing, Design, Content Creation, Social Media and Digital Marketing, Data Analytics and Machine Learning, Legal paperwork, Financial Analysis, Research and Development and Business Analysis.


SimpliWave believes that every individual is born with the ability to solve problems. But we lose that natural skill in the absence of challenging environments. Our vision is to not only give that challenging exposure to every person but to also reward his/her good work while reinforcing a habit of creating great results.

All companies need constant development to keep up with the pace of the world. Who is better to help in keeping up with the pace of the world than the one who has been born into it? Our platform aims at creating positive, challenging environments to produce best solutions for the companies that come to us. We have been proving it by producing innovative solutions for all our clients and hope to continue doing the same.


SimpliWave aims to bridge the gap between small and medium companies looking for support to expand or grow their business, and the problem-solving innovators who have been waiting for an opportunity to showcase their skills to the world. In this process, we not only create better leaders for tomorrow but also help the surrounding community to grow.

Vaibhav Dubey

Founder & CEO

Faraz Ahmad

Founder & MD

Bianca Riat

Founder & COO

Journey behind Simpli Wave

Why do we not invest in the leaders of tomorrow to get an early hands-on experience with real life projects? Why is it that students have to complete a certain level of qualifications to be active contributors to the real world? Students are talented, full of fresh and innovative ideas, and hungry to prove themselves. But do the long years of inexperience and lack of opportunity cause that hunger to die out?

It was to save that hunger that we, at SimpliWave embarked on a journey to use our ambitious, problem-solving mindsets to give every person an opportunity to prove their value to the world.

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